“The Secret of Numbers” .. What does the number 7 and the number 800 mean in Ronaldo’s life?


The last number Ronaldo scored was on Thursday evening, it was 801, which is the number of goals he scored in his golden career, becoming the first player in history to reach more than 800 goals in his life.

Here are the most prominent numbers that recorded a march RonaldoSome of them are historical, some are moral, and some are economic.


It is the number of golden balls he won during his career. It was the first in 2008 in the ranks of Manchester United ahead of its arch-rivals Argentina Lionel Messi.

The Portuguese won the prestigious award also in 2013, 2014, 216 and 2017, while the Argentine won it 7 times, most recently last Monday.


He is Ronaldo’s favorite jersey number. He has worn it since he came to Manchester United in 2003 from Sporting Lisbon. And the number 7 in the ranks of Manchester bears a great significance because the most prominent legends wore it, led by the Irishman George Best, the French Eric Cantona and David Beckham.

Upon his arrival to Real Madrid in 2009, Ronaldo wore the number 9 shirt for one season, because the number 7 was in the possession of Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez, before his ownership transferred to the Portuguese.


The number of goals scored by Ronaldo in the European Cup finals, including 5 in the last edition last summer, to be the best scorer in the history of the most important continental competition, 5 goals ahead of French Michel Platini.

Ronaldo also holds the record for the number of participations in the European Championship (5 times), knowing that he led his country to the title in 2016.


The number of times he faced Messi to become the most player he faced in various competitions, equal to Sergio Busquets and Andres Iniesta, according to the statistics of the specialized “TransferMarket” website.


The number of goals he scored in the European Champions League, to lead the top scorer in the continental competition. His direct rival is Messi in particular, with 120 goals.


The number of matches that Ronaldo has played in the Champions League, surpassing the previous record held by Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas (177). They are followed by compatriot Xavi Hernandez (151) and Argentina’s Messi (153).


It is the number of goals he has scored in his career. Last year, Ronaldo surpassed the official record for the number of goals scored in the name of Brazilian legend Pele, who scored 767 goals.

Ronaldo’s goals came as follows: 115 goals with Portugal and 686 with the clubs he defended their colors, 5 goals with Sporting Lisbon (2002-2003), 130 with Manchester United (2003-2009 and then since August 2021 until now), 450 goals with Real Madrid ( From 2009 to 2018), 101 goals with Juventus (2018-2021).

He reached and exceeded the 800 goal mark by scoring two goals against Arsenal (3-2) Thursday in the English Premier League.

115 million

It is the amount invested by the Italian club Juventus to obtain its services in 2018, including 100 million as a transfer fee to Real Madrid.

Ronaldo cost the old lady’s team treasury 86 million euros annually, and this amount includes his wages (57 million euros) and the installments that the Turin giant owes to the royal club over 4 years.

372 million

It is the number of followers of his account on Instagram. Ronaldo is the most followed person on social media, as he talks about his achievements on the pitch and the companies that sponsor him.


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