The Omicron mutated from the Corona virus continues to spread in various countries of the world


continue (OmicronThe new mutant of the new (Corona) virus is spreading in various countries of the world, according to what health authorities announce in various countries of the world.

In Tunisia, the Tunisian Minister of Health, Ali Merabet, confirmed, today, Friday, the first case of infection with the “omicron” mutant of the Corona virus in the country, for a 23-year-old young man from Congo who arrived in Tunisia recently on a flight from “Istanbul” airport.“.

The minister explained – in exclusive statements to Radio “Mosaic” – that the person concerned underwent a quick analysis to investigate the Corona virus, the result of which was positive.“.

The Minister of Health said that after confirming his infection, he was transferred directly to a hostel for the injured, where he is currently subject to quarantine, considering that ascertaining this case as soon as it arrives in Tunisia proves that all parties are fully prepared..

In Britain, UK health officials said that more than 50% of confirmed cases of the new “Omicron” variant in the country occurred after at least two doses of vaccination..

And the “Sky News” network quoted in its English-language publication today, Friday, the health authorities in Britain as saying that 12 of the 22 known cases infected with the mutant as of November 30 were fully vaccinated..

The network added that two other patients had received their first dose at least four weeks ago, noting that the data do not tell us how effective the vaccine is against Omicron..

In Libya, the Director of the National Center for Disease Control, Dr. Haider Al-Sayeh, confirmed that the center will begin next Monday to detect the “Omicron” mutant and study its virulence on infected people..

Al-Sayeh said – in statements reported by the Libyan News Agency – today, Friday, that the center is in the process of imposing measures in the coming period to confront Corona’s mutations, including not traveling, whether internal or external trips, without presenting the electronic vaccination card, and not entering any citizen or foreigner to the country except by presenting the vaccination card. e.

He added that cafes, wedding halls, restaurants and most public activities will be closed if the precautionary measures are not followed and the non-vaccinated people are allowed to enter..

The Libyan National Center for Disease Control also confirmed the increased demand for vaccination against the Corona virus, after monitoring the Omicron mutant in several countries of the world..

The director of the vaccinations department at the center, Abdelbaset Asmio, said – in a statement reported by the Libyan News Agency – today, Friday, that the rate of vaccinations ranges between 400 to 800 doses per day, explaining that the vaccination campaign for students targets the age group from 12 to 17 years old, in addition to the booster dose. The third, which targets adults aged 50 years and over, carriers of chronic diseases, immunodeficiency, and medical and paramedical staff.

He added that the isolation centers continue to vaccinate the targeted with the Chinese vaccine Sinopharma, of which a stock of up to 4 million doses is available, and the quantity has been enhanced in all branches and cities of Libya, and indicated that the National Center for Disease Control will begin the next two days, in distributing the American Pfizer vaccine intended for pregnant women, In addition to launching the third booster dose for the target groups.

And in Israel, it was confirmed today that the seventh case was recorded as being infected with the new mutant of the Corona virus, called “Omicron”, which was discovered for the first time in South Africa..

And the newspaper “Haaretz” quoted the Israeli Ministry of Health as saying in a press statement that four of the seven discovered cases did not receive a vaccination against the coronavirus, while the other three received two of them three doses of the Pfizer vaccine and the third received the AstraZeneca vaccination, and the ministry said that it was suspected of infection. 27 more people with this is the fast-spreading mutant.

The new mutant carries on its outer shell a large number of mutations, which is difficult for the immune system to deal with..


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