The first appearance of the leader, Adel Imam, after a long absence… Have his features changed? – Norte newspaper


Posted by the great Egyptian artist Adel EmamA new photo of him on his official page, documented on the social networking site.Facebook» Where he appeared with his usual smile, wearing an elegant shirt.

The image of the leader won the admiration of his followers. A large number of comments from his fans and fans poured out, stressing that his features did not change much despite the long distance from the media and social media platforms.

the leader Adel Emam In his most recent appearance on social media Photo from his verified account on Facebook

The product has already been assured Issam Imam Big fan audience Adel Emam On his health, he denied all the rumors about his deteriorating health and his thinking about retiring. cross Issam Imam expressing his annoyance over the spread of news of his brother’s deteriorating health and his travel to the North Coast and his stay there alone,

Stressing that it is all incorrect news, stressing that he is fine and living his life in a normal way with his family and grandchildren, reading and solving crossword puzzles, calling on journalists and media professionals to verify any news before publishing it, and about the idea of ​​retiring. Al-Wad and his father,” which he will collect with his son Muhammad and will be directed by his son Rami, indicating that they are still in the stage of studying the idea.

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It is mentioned that the last work Adel Emam artistic, Valentino series Which was shown in the drama Ramadan 2020, starring Dalia Al-Behairi, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, the late Dalal Abdel Aziz, and a number of other artists, and the series was written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar, and directed by Ramy Imam.

The events of the series revolve around Nour Muhammad Ahmed (Adel Emam) is known as “Valentino” and his wife “Afaf Esmat” (Dalal Abdel Aziz) and they own a series of international schools called “Valentino Schools.” As a result of their strength and control over the course of matters, many disputes arise between them throughout the events of the series, and from here the adventure and surprises begin.

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