The deterioration of the health of the Egyptian artist Moheb Kasser


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The health condition of the Egyptian artist Moheb Kasser deteriorated after discovering that he had tumors on the kidneys, in addition to a weak heart muscle.

The wife of the great artist revealed the developments in his health, saying: “My husband’s health condition worsened, and we discovered tumors on the kidneys, and he was transferred to an oncology hospital.”

And she continued, “As soon as the union learned, it did not leave us, and Dr. Ashraf Zaki told me: Do not bear any concerns, and the artist, Nihal Anbar, follows us moment by moment.”

She explained: “After the artist, Moheb Kasser, left one of the October hospitals, which he entered after suffering from heart diseases and his return home, his condition worsened, and we discovered that he had tumors on the kidneys.

The wife of the artist, Moheb Kasir, asked the audience to pray for her husband to recover and overcome this ordeal.

And the artist Moheb Kasser is one of the faces that the public memorizes. He was born in the Esna Center in Qena Governorate. He began his artistic career in the early sixties with the movie Judgment Day in 1962. He continued to play small roles, most of which are the role of the guard, the doorman, and Al-Ghafir Al-Saeedi, the most famous of which is the role of the doorman in the films The Search for a Scandal and Revenge. In the eighties, he presented a number of works for television in television series and films, including: “Tears in Rude Eyes, Muhammad is the Messenger of God, the family of Professor Shalash, Layali al-Hilmeya, and the demons of Sayala.



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