The depression has receded..and this is what awaits us in the coming days’ weather


The Department of Meteorology in Lebanon announced in its evening bulletin that “the impact of the depression centered over Turkey has receded from the eastern basin of the Mediterranean, starting from tomorrow morning, Thursday, as the weather gradually stabilizes. (The average temperature on the coast for the month of December is between 13 and 21 degrees Celsius).

Expected weather in Lebanon:

Thursday: Partly cloudy with a slight rise in temperatures. Fog forms on the heights with scattered rain falling during the morning period. The weather gradually stabilizes during the day and turns into a few clouds in the afternoon.

Friday: A few clouds to cloudy with high clouds with a slight rise in temperatures, especially on the mountains and inland, with the appearance of local fog on the heights.

Saturday: A few clouds to partly cloudy with an additional rise in temperatures, gradually turning from evening to cloudy and scattered rain falling from dawn on Sunday.

Sunday: Cloudy in general with a noticeable drop in temperatures, especially in the interior and on the mountains, and fog will form on the heights with scattered rain.

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