The coach of the Egyptian national team submits a request to his assistants before facing Jordan


The coach of the Egyptian national team, Portuguese Carlos Queiroz, asked his technical staff to prepare a detailed report on each player who is currently with the “Pharaohs” team in the Arab Cup.

And the Egyptian media, Mohamed Shabana, said on his “Box to Box” program on the “ETC” channel, that the Portuguese coach asked the Egyptian team’s performance analyst to prepare a detailed report on each player in the national team during the participation of the “Pharaohs” in the Arab Cup, provided that the delivery of Report before the start of the playoffs.

Shabana continued, “Keirosh stressed that each report includes the number of minutes of play, the running distance for each player, the rate of the shot or the ball cut, the extraction of the ball, the number and accuracy of passes, aerial and ground contacts, and the thermal map of each player’s movement on the field to know the extent to which the players adhere to the instructions.” and tactical discipline.

The Egyptian team, who qualified for the quarter-finals of the Arab Cup, was at the fore in Group D, after its draw on Tuesday with Algeria in the last third round of the group stage.

The Egyptian team set a date with Jordan in the quarter-finals, and the match is scheduled to take place next Saturday.

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