Suspicions swirl around Ronaldo’s deal to Manchester United


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Team crisis turned Juventus The Italian, into something like a “snowball”, as hardly a day passes, without new names being involved in what is known as the scandal of raising the value of some of the deals made by the Italian club since the 2017 season, and made it threatened with sanctions from the Italian Federation, which may reach exclusion from Calcio.

The financial police in Italy had opened an investigation since last summer, regarding the suspicion that Juventus was involved in tampering with the value of some deals, and they raided the club’s headquarters last Friday, in order to obtain the documents you need in the investigations.

After his name was excluded during the first stage of the investigations, especially in his transfer to Juventus from Real Madrid in 2018, the Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, became one of the “suspicious” deals made by Juventus last summer.

And the French “Top Mercato” website stated, on Friday, quoting several Italian websites, that doubts were swirling around the value of his transfer to Manchester United last summer, when the two teams agreed on the value of the deal, which did not exceed 15 million euros, and that the Italian police sought Friday to obtain On documents of interest to the agreement made between the two parties.

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The Italian newspapers did not mention the source of the doubts about this deal, but it seems that Juventus’ acceptance of the sale of a player contract that they have hired for more than 100 million euros, prompted the police to look into the possibility that Juventus hid the true value of this deal.


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