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Riyadh, 27 Rabi’ al-Akhir 1443 AH, corresponding to 02 December 2021 AD
The King Khaled Charitable Foundation hosted the second meeting and meeting of Their Highnesses, trustees and CEOs of a number of civil institutions, with the participation of a number of international experts and leaders of the non-profit sector in the Kingdom.
Her Highness Princess Nouf bint Mohammed, CEO of the Foundation, indicated that the meeting reviewed the outputs of the sub-working teams formed from employees of the participating NGOs and the recommendations made on the project to enhance the mental image of the non-profit sector, the heat map model for development needs related to the priorities of charitable work, and the project of the annual forum for the non-profit sector profitability.
The meeting also included an enrichment side session, with the participation of a number of local and international experts, on methodologies and mechanisms for measuring impact and the planning process for the chain of impact in the non-profit sector.
The meeting was attended by Her Royal Highness Princess Moudhi bint Khalid bin Abdulaziz, Secretary-General of the King Khalid Foundation, Her Royal Highness Princess Lamia bint Majed, Secretary-General of the Alwaleed Philanthropic Foundation, and the CEO of the Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz “Misk Charitable Foundation” Dr. Badr Al-Badr , a number of executives and a number of trustees of charitable institutions.
It is noteworthy that the meeting, in its second edition, is held periodically to discuss executive and participatory initiatives to advance the desired developmental role of the non-profit sector in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, sustainable development goals, and the role of Saudi civil institutions in empowering volunteering, women, youth, charities, mosques, and educational, health and development facilities.
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