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The most prominent secrets of the Lebanese newspapers issued today, Thursday 09/12/2021

• The statement of a prominent deputy in a bloc led by a political leader, in which he admitted that his leader had transferred huge funds abroad embarrassed a colleague in the bloc who had pledged to resign from political work, if the transfer was proven on the day an economic researcher revealed information about these transfers and the researcher faced a lawsuit because of them
• Press circles wondered about the function of the US government distributing awards of appreciation to media professionals it wants to market and give them credibility. Professional circles stated that the government, which pursues the most prominent investigative journalists in the world and its icon, Julian Assange, after it tried to assassinate him, has the credibility of awarding awards.

• A political reference expresses concern in the event the absence of a former government reference from Lebanon continues, given that this will have negative effects on the upcoming electoral alliance in more than one district, and the question revolves around who will fill this absence?
• The statement of the Governor of the Banque du Liban that the dollar’s price can drop if the government adopts a clear fiscal and reform plan means that hope is soon for this price to drop as long as the government is idle.
• A representative of a colleague who “promotes” a frightening rise in the exchange rate said that he “does not understand financial policies.”

• A former minister was asked to participate in a “social visit” to a spiritual reference, which was carried out by the ambassador of a major country
• Holders of electronic debit cards from banks face the crisis of torn or damaged paper money, which the A.TM in banks refuses to receive back.
A well-informed source did not rule out that “fabricated” news targeting personalities, who were said to be outside the scene, would increase after the parliamentary elections.

• A prominent reference expresses his dissatisfaction with the positions of parliamentary blocs and poles in terms of issues he works to address, accusing them of putting sticks in wheels.
• A prominent party circulated to its deputies and cadres not to approach a regional event, neither negatively nor positively.
• A senior official was quoted as saying: Let us not laugh at each other…there is no solution to the crisis, at least until after the presidential elections.

Source: Newspapers


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