Saudi Arabia… Arrest of 250 accused in corruption cases in 6 ministries


The Monitoring and Anti-Corruption Authority in Saudi Arabia, “Nazaha”, announced the arrest of more than 250 people accused of corruption cases in 6 different ministries, according to the newspaper.City“Local.

The authority stated in a statement that the detainees belonged to several ministries and government agencies, namely the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health, in addition to the ministries of Education, and Municipal and Rural Affairs.

She pointed out that the most prominent accusations against the detainees were bribery, abuse of power, abuse of power and forgery.

The Control and Anti-Corruption Authority directly revealed a number of criminal and administrative cases last November.

The authority said in a tweet on its Twitter account that 6,459 rounds of monitoring were carried out, and 657 defendants were investigated, not to mention the arrest of 250 people.

Commenting on the statement, Al-Madina newspaper clarified that Saudi Arabia is currently witnessing a “road map to combat corruption, to be a main focus of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 (led by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman), which aims to implement reforms at all levels and reduce the risks of corruption.”

The commission had earlier announced the arrest of 172 suspects between mid-October and this November.

At the time, the commission stated that it carried out 6,061 monitoring rounds, and investigated 512 people, and that the arrested suspects belonged to several bodies, including the ministries of Defense, Interior, National Guard, Foreign Affairs, Health, General Presidency, and the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

In 2007, the Saudi Cabinet approved a national strategy to combat corruption, one of the most prominent elements of which was the establishment of an “Integrity” commission.

The authority had previously announced over the course of the current year that it had seized a number of cases of corruption and bribery in various government agencies.


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