Sabah Al-Jazaery in support of Safa Sultan .. “A thousand peace be upon you, my love”


Follow-up – Batoul Dawaa

After the Jordanian actress, Safaa Sultan, was recently exposed to a severe health problem. Art stars were keen to support her. At their head is the able Syrian artist Sabah Al-Jazaery.

Where the Algerian published a picture of Safa Sultan, through the “Story” feature on her account on “Instagram”; She wrote a comment on her saying: “A thousand peace be upon you, and may God protect you, my love.”

So that the artist Safaa republished the image of the Algerian, through the “Story” feature on her account on “Instagram”, and she replied, “Oh, my life, you are the best of all.. Thank you from my heart.”

It is noteworthy that Sultan revealed the details of her health crisis through the “Al-Mukhtar” program, presented by the journalist Basil Mahrez, where she confirmed that she had suffered a thigh muscle infarction. This is a result of the pressure and exhaustion she was exposed to while working on her new series. Which led to the disruption of the functions of some muscles and surrounding tissues.

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