Omar Kamal responds to his accusation of insulting Egypt


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Egyptian artist Omar Kamal denied any insult to Egypt during his last concert in Saudi Arabia, after accusing some of changing the words of the “Bint Al Jeeran” festival from “wine and hashish” to “dates and milk”.

The Egyptian artist, Omar Kamal, responded to the decision to stop him from the Syndicate of Musical Professions on charges of insulting Egypt and transferring it to the investigation, through a video clip on his official page on the social networking site “Facebook”, in which he said: “Today, I was surprised, like all the people from all the newspapers and sites, writing that I am I was referred for investigation by the Musicians Syndicate, and I found many reasons, including that I insulted Egypt and insulted Egypt directly or indirectly. Ok, so I insulted Egypt in what? .. I ask myself, they said Omar Kamal when he was asked if I said that while I was blistering with the Saudi audience, I said dates and milk. This is befitting of the Holy Land, so take it as a projection.”

Omar Kamal added: “If I say that Saudi Arabia is a sacred land and that Egypt is a land that is not sacred, this is of course a mistake. I said that I am cheering with people and flashing with the Saudi public, and I came up with flashy over the two words that we have changed for a long time, and I said, O people, I will drink dates and milk, and that Saudi Arabia is originally known for dates, Arabic coffee and milk, and in Umrah they receive us with it, and anyone who went to perform Umrah is known by this talk.

Omar continued: “From this point of view, I said this and joked with the people, and the people in her country liked this very much. The people clapped and laughed, and the second day of his satisfaction, and I do not regret Egypt, and I never said anything that offends Egypt, and I always said after every song, a bargain for Egypt, the mother of the world. I said that Saudi Arabia A holy land, and Egypt is a desolate land, and our country is more honorable than honor, and he who has a report or a video, and I say these words he tells me, I did not say these words.”

He ended his speech by saying: “The artist Abdel Halim Hafez was the creator of the song Tell the truth when he went to Saudi Arabia. He said, “Go to the city.” I appreciate insulting Egypt.”



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