Omar Kamal announces the end of the dates and milk crisis with the Musicians Syndicate


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Singer Omar Kamal announced the end of his crisis with the Musicians’ Syndicate in Egypt, after being referred for investigation by the Syndicate for allegedly “insulting Egypt”.

Kamal said that he refrained from singing the new version of the song “Bint Al Jeeran” with the word “liquor and hashish”, and the pronunciation was not changed only in Saudi Arabia, adding: “I changed the word for alcohol and hashish two days before at a party in Tunisia.”

He added, “Changing the word liquor and hashish with the word dates and milk during my party as part of the activities of the Riyadh season in Saudi Arabia was not out of bad faith.”

He continued, “I proved to the union my point of view, and all the charges against me were denied, and a statement will be issued by the union in which the artist, Hani Shaker, head of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, will announce the end of the crisis.”

He said: “The union met under the chairmanship of Captain Hani Shaker and he advised me to represent Egypt abroad in an honorable manner. The artist Hani Shaker is my big brother and accommodates everyone,” noting that “his band was invited to celebrate the closing ceremony of the Arab Cup.”

The Musicians Syndicate in Egypt had referred festival artist Omar Kamal to investigation against the backdrop of a party he held in Saudi Arabia in which he changed the words of the “Bint Al Jeeran” festival from “wine and hashish” to “dates and milk.”

Kamal’s explanation of why the song’s lyrics were changed sparked widespread criticism from the public on social media platforms.



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