New developments in the crisis of the artist, Rashwan Tawfik and his daughter


Today, Saturday, the Third Circuit of the South Cairo Court is considering a lawsuit demanding the daughter of artist Rashwan Tawfik to cancel the two powers of attorney issued by her to her father.

Dr. Magdy Mahran, lawyer for the artist Rashwan Tawfik, said in statements that Aya Rashwan Tawfik had filed a number of lawsuits against her father, preventing him from using his right. He continued, “The artist Rashwan distributed his estate while he was alive, and when he modified it, his daughter Aya was not satisfied, and therefore she filed a lawsuit rejecting and nullifying the re-partition.”

Mahran added that the reason for re-distributing the inheritance is his fear of God – the Almighty – and he cited in his hadith what God Almighty revealed in his Noble Book, which says, “These are the limits of God, so do not approach them.” according to Arabic

Dr. Mahran also revealed the date for hearing the first lawsuits before the South Cairo Court on December 4, 2021, while there is another lawsuit on December 28, pointing out that there is a third lawsuit that he has not received yet.

In the end, the lawyer of the mighty artist, Rashwan Tawfiq, directed a reconciliation initiative to the daughter of the mighty artist, Aya, and asked her to return to her father’s bosom and end these lawsuits, saying: “Abuki is waiting for me.”


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