NASA launches a new star explorer into space


NASA launches a new star explorer into space

On Thursday morning, NASA succeeded in launching its new instrument dedicated to studying stars and space objects.

A statement issued by the agency said, “NASA has succeeded in launching its new space laboratory, Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer, into space, using a Falcon 9 rocket produced by the American company, SpaceX.”

The agency stated that the missile was launched Thursday morning from Cape Canaveral base in Florida, at exactly 01:00 EST (9:00 Moscow time).

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According to the available information, the new NASA space device weighs about 325 kg, and is equipped with three similar telescopes, and one of its functions is to track X-ray sources in space, as the data that specialists will obtain will help expand their knowledge about the magnetic fields of neutron stars and other space objects.

NASA had indicated earlier that the mission of its new space explorer would cost about $188 million.

Source: Vesti


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