Mutant “Omicron” continues to spread in the world and France records nine injuries


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                The health authorities in France announced, on Friday, that nine cases of the "Omicron" mutant have been recorded so far, while the new strain of the Corona virus continues to spread in the world, which has deepened fears about the mutant, which is now overshadowing other mutant ones in southern Africa and may become the most prevalent in Europe.  From the United States to Australia and all continents, governments are seeking to tighten restrictions and are studying the imposition of mandatory vaccination, knowing that no deaths associated with it have been recorded so far.                </p><div>

                <p>On Friday, the French Directorate General of Health announced the registration of a total of 9 cases of a mutant "mutator".<a target="_blank" href="أوروبا/20211202-المفوضية-الأوروبية-تدعو-لنقاش-حول-إلزامية-التطعيم-في-ظل-تواصل-انتشار-متحورة-أوميكرون-حول-العالم" rel="noopener"><strong>Omicron</strong></a>So far. This is at a time when the new strain of the Corona virus continues to spread in the world.

After the island of Reunion, three cases of the mutant were discovered in the “Ile-de-France”, “Haut-Rhin” and “Fendi” regions, and according to the authorities, it was found that they had been registered among travelers returning from Africa.

From the United States to Europe and Australia

On the other hand, the United States and Australia detected cases of the “Omicron” mutant on Thursday and Friday, which exacerbates concerns about the new strain of the Corona virus, which is now dominating other mutant ones in southern Africa and may become the most prevalent in Europe as well.

New York recorded five confirmed cases of “Omicron” on Thursday, while one case was recorded in Minnesota and another in Hawaii, bringing to nine the total number of cases of this mutation in the country. In Minnesota, the infected person had flown to New York but had not traveled abroad. In Hawaii, the patient had not received the vaccine against Covid, but he had not traveled abroad, which shows that the mutant “Omicron” has begun to spread among the population in the United States. The Hawaii Department of Health confirmed in a statement that it was a “local infection case.”

In turn, Australia announced on Friday that it had detected the first infection with “Omicron” in a student who had not traveled abroad, which indicates that the mutant has begun to spread on Australian soil.

The World Health Organization also warned that the possibility of the spread of “Omicron” at the global level is “high”, although there is a lot of ambiguity about this mutant, in terms of the strength of the infection, the severity of the symptoms it causes, and the effectiveness of existing vaccines. The new mutant has become widespread in all continents, without any related deaths recorded so far.

In the context, the Stockholm-based European Center for Disease Prevention and Control announced on Thursday that the Omicron mutant “could cause more than half of the infections caused by the SARS-Cove-2 virus in the European Union within the next few months.”

Strict measures and travel restrictions

A study conducted by South African scientists showed that the risk of infection with Covid-19 again is three times higher with the mutant “Omicron” compared to the two mutant beta and delta. And in South Africa, where the new mutant was first detected last week, the authorities spoke of an “accelerated” spread of the Corona virus, and “Omicron” became the dominant mutant.

And no mutated version of the Corona virus has ever caused such panic, since the emergence of the mutated Delta. In light of this, strict measures are being announced around the world, as well as travel restrictions.

In Germany, outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel announced Thursday that restrictions will be tightened on people who have not received a Covid vaccination, and who will no longer be able to enter non-essential stores, restaurants, cultural or entertainment venues. They will also have to limit their direct contact with others. How much will a bill on compulsory vaccination be submitted to the German parliament to enter into force in February or March.

European countries decided to tighten health restrictions again, including imposing border measures and banning travel to southern Africa. The United Kingdom imposed mandatory wearing of masks in transport and stores, while France recommended that vulnerable children be vaccinated.

On the other hand, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, denounced the closing of the borders, describing it as a form of “apartheid” against an insufficiently pollinated Africa.

In the face of the resurgence of the pandemic on a large scale, US President Joe Biden presented a new plan to combat “Covid” Thursday, but it does not include any drastic or restrictive steps. Foreign travelers will have to submit negative tests they took the day before their departure. Biden has refrained from taking measures that carry significant political risks.




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