Mustafa Fahmy is wanted for investigation.. This is what Faten Moussa did


The Lebanese media announcedFaten Musa, that her ex-Egyptian actorMustafa Fahmyrequired for investigation.
And she wrote a post on her personal page on the social networking site, in which she said: “In response to my ex-husband’s last statement a while ago, Mustafa Fahmy is wanted in an investigation session on Sunday, December 5, in the case of my detention using individuals I do not know and the use of property guards to intimidate and intimidate me, and this is enough.”
Faten had published on social media a statement about her lawyer, revealing the details and developments of her crisis with Mustafa Fahmy. After the latter accused her of breaking into the family’s apartment, breaking the locks and seizing what was inside of it, including money and belongings belonging to him and his brother, it became clear, according to Faten Moussa’s lawyer, in her statement, that “Mostafa Fahmy took advantage of her absence in Egypt until he divorced her in absentia and retroactively; the thing that was committed He has the crime of stealing her movables, personal belongings, jewelry and her laptop, which was presented to her before the Public Prosecution on Monday, the day before yesterday, to receive it.


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