Muhannad Al-Ghazawi, head of the Arab Oscar Festival, dies of a sharp drop in blood circulation at the age of 33


The Libyan media, Muhannad Al-Ghazawi, founder and president of the Arab Oscar Festival, passed away at the age of 33, after a struggle with illness. The treating medical team confirmed that the deceased had suffered a severe drop in blood circulation, and had been suffering throughout the past period from severe inflammation of the colon. Efforts were unsuccessful. medical treatment.

Muhannad Al Ghazzawi – Photo from his Facebook account

Sources close to the deceased indicated that his suffering with the disease began last October, while he was in Egypt to prepare for the fifth session of the recently held festival.

After he finished the activities of the fifth session of the festival, he went to his country, Libya, and did not see a noticeable improvement in his condition, until he was surprised two days ago that he was exposed to severe pain in the abdominal area, after which he entered a hospital in Tripoli, who diagnosed his condition as a drop in the circulatory condition. Two days later, he was in the hospital, until he passed away.

Maher Hammami, head of the Syndicate of Musical Professions in Tunisia, revealed the details of the death of Muhannad Al-Ghazawi, head of the Arab Oscar Festival, and indicated during a phone call to a Tunisian radio station: Our Lord accepts him with his mercy and a shock that we have suffered, because he is still young, only over thirty, meaning he is still young.

Maher Al-Hamami confirmed during his speech that Muhannad Al-Ghazawi died due to a severe drop in blood circulation, and he was suffering from pain in his stomach during the last hours of his life, in addition to that he was suffering from breathing problems in general in his life.

The head of the Musical Professions Syndicate continued: Muhannad Al-Ghazawi wanted to hold the sixth session of the Arab Oscar Festival in Tunisia, after the fifth session was in Egypt, and he dreamed of holding it in Libya, his birthplace.

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