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Composer Mohamed Yahya responded to Amr Mostafa’s statements about the crisis of festival singers with the Syndicate of Musical Professions.

Mohamed Yehia told that what Amr Mostafa said was inappropriate and baseless, and that he was not the only defender of art and music in Egypt.

Muhammad Yahya also attacked Amr Mostafa and said, “My generation and I did not fail during the recent period with our artwork, but the only failure during those years was Amr Mostafa himself.

And he continued, what Amr says about his history with Amr Diab, I have a history with Amr Diab like him and more.

He continued, and if Amr Mostafa talks about his successes with the singers of the Arab world, I have more successes with singers Hamaki, Nancy Ajram and Ramy Ayyash in recent years than him.

He added that in recent years, he and his fellow artists have presented many successful works that did not succeed only in Egypt, but in the Arab world, and achieved millions of views, and Amr Mostafa has no right to talk about this period as if it were not.

He concluded by saying, “I am a man who graduated from the Faculty of Music Education and presents different works and different maqam, and Amr Mustafa Da is a law graduate and composes in one place.”

The artist, Amr Mostafa, had issued a statement in which he talked about the festivals crisis and said that it was caused by that everything that has been presented in recent years has failed to confront the songs of festivals, announcing that he presented a new lyrical form that confronts this phenomenon. for details

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