Monica Bellucci to men: War will not lead us anywhere..we need you and you need us


Monica Bellucci to men: War will not lead us anywhere..we need you and you need us


International artist, Monica Bellucci,

International artist, Monica Bellucci, confirmed that she is “a product of her dream,” noting that “she loves men, but women inspire her.”

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A photo of the artist, Yasmine Sabry, with the star Monica Bellucci, sparking an interaction on social networking sites (photo)

During the Turin Film Festival, Monica Bellucci said: “I am the product of my dream…Even as a child, I wanted to be an actress and enter this world, even though it was very far from my reality.”

Bellucci spoke about the film “The Girl in the Fountain”, which premiered at the festival, in which Monica plays the role of Anita Ekberg, the Swedish star best known for her role in the film “La Dolce Vita”.

The artist explained, “At that time, Italian women were mostly present within the domestic world, when I arrived Ekberg, who was already physically different, and allowed herself to be very free, and also economically, it was as if a bomb had gone off in that.” Society”.

She continued, “Often, art comes from pain..This woman gave so much to cinema, perhaps unconsciously, was full of light, beautiful, lived a lot of things and then ended up alone, in a wheelchair and died in a shelter. It was It’s nice to have her dignity back.”
Monica Bellucci said that while she has worked with more male directors, her relationship with women is different.

And she continued: “With women, sometimes we look at each other and understand each other without words..Also, a woman cannot lie too much to another woman..With men, we are a little more cunning..I love men, but women inspire me,” she stressed. However, both sexes should learn to communicate better.

She added, “War will not lead us anywhere.. We need you, you need us, and this evolution that we are developing, and this search for equality, also liberates you.. You used to have to take on this role of a knight who should save everyone from everything.” .Now we come and say, ‘We can help you.’ You don’t have to do it alone.”

Source: “variety”


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