“Molokhia” in honor of Elissa and Marwan Khoury’s peace


The Lebanese artist, Elissa, announced that she accepted the invitation of the artist, Esaad Younes, to celebrate the reconciliation between her and the Lebanese artist, Marwan Khoury

Elissa said on Twitter, “Waiting for the meeting that will bring us together with Marwan Khoury and I soon, God willing, for those who are waiting for him, and there is nothing between us but all love and respect.”

And Elisa added, “West Easaad, we agreed and waited for the sherbet and molokhia from your hands, O Set of All.”

The artist, Marwan Khoury, said during his visit to the “Her Excellency” program with the media, Esaad Younes, that the coming period will witness a renewal between him and Elissa, and the differences erupted between them 7 years ago.

And Esaad Younes said in a message to the artist, Elissa, “I am determined with you and Marwan on a plate of molokhia and almond sorbet after the reconciliation. And I will eat you molokhia, and I will spoil you, and stuffed pigeons, and I will drink you almond sorbet..okay?”

The dispute between Elissa and Marwan Khoury goes back to 7 years due to the different viewpoints at work. Marwan Khoury has presented several distinguished songs in cooperation with Elissa, the most prominent of which were, “If you know … you will … Karmalik.”


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