“Meta” reveals its “secret” tricks used to detect scammers on its applications


Meta has revealed some of the tricks it plans to use to spot scammers on the Messenger app and direct messages on Instagram.

The tech giant, formerly known as Facebook, is still working on making these apps end-to-end encrypted, but there are concerns that doing so could make it difficult to stop online abuse.

A recent Meta blog post revealed how the company will try to prevent abuse on its platforms when it can’t “check” messages.“In an end-to-end encrypted environment, we will use artificial intelligence to proactively detect accounts that are implicated in malicious behavior patterns rather than examining private messages,” she said. Our machine learning technology will look at unencrypted parts of our platforms, such as account information and photos that have been generated upload them in public, to detect suspicious activity and abuse.

There has been a particular concern from children’s charities that end-to-end encryption could lead to unnoticed child abuse online.Children’s charity NSPCC stated that end-to-end encryption could lead to a “significant reduction in reports of child abuse…and a failure to protect children from avoidable harm”.


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