London police detain a man under the Mental Health Act after he was arrested at Windsor Castle


LONDON: London police said on Sunday that a man who was arrested after armed with an arch of Windsor Castle Square, where Queen Elizabeth celebrates Christmas, has been detained under the Mental Health Act.
The Metropolitan Police added in a statement that the 19-year-old man, from Southampton in southern England, was stopped within moments of entering Castle Square on Christmas morning and did not enter any building.
“The man has been placed in custody and is undergoing a mental health assessment, he has since been classified under the Mental Health Act and is still under the care of medical professionals,” the police said.
“After searching the man, a bow was found with him,” she added.
Queen Elizabeth spent a lot of time during the COVID-19 pandemic at Windsor Castle, and is now there to celebrate Christmas with her son Prince Charles, his wife Camilla and other close family members.
The Mail on Sunday newspaper said the arrested man used a rope ladder to get through a metal fence.
Security breaches of royal residences are rare. The most dangerous of these occurred during the Queen’s reign in 1982 when a man climbed a wall and entered Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s residence in London, and reached the room where she was going to sleep.


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