List of the 43rd Cairo International Film Festival Awards


  The head of the festival confirmed that this session witnessed the presence of good cinema (Twitter)</p><div><p class="text-align-justify">On Sunday evening, the activities of the 43rd session of <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">Cairo International Film Festival</a>The list of awards was announced as follows:

International Competition Prizes:

– Henri Barakat Award for Best Artistic Contribution, awarded to Jose Angel Alion, for the filming of They Carry Death, directed by Helena Giron, Samuel M. Delgado.

– The Best Actress Award, for Swami Rotolo, for her role in the movie “A Chiara”, directed by Jonas Carpignano, and the award was presented to her by the Egyptian actress Lubna Abdel Aziz in a rare appearance.

– The Best Actor Award for Muhammad Mamdouh, for his role in the movie “Abu Saddam – Abusaddam”, directed by Nadine Khan, and the award was presented to him by the able artist Rashwan Tawfiq.

– an award Naguib Mahfouz For Best Screenplay, it was awarded to Peter Kereks and Ivan Ostrochovsky, for “107 Mothers – 107 Mothers”, directed by Peter Kereks.

The Bronze Pyramid Award, awarded to the director for his first or second work, was awarded to Hong Seung Yoon, director of “Aloners”.

The Silver Pyramid Award (Special Jury Prize) goes to Laura Samani, director of Small Body.

The Golden Pyramid Award for Best Film went to “The Hole in the Fence”, directed by Joaquin Del Paso.

Audience Vote Award (Yousef Sherif Rizkallah Award):

The award went to the movie “Daughters of Abdel Rahman – directed by Zaid Abu Hamdan.

Short Film Competition Awards:

Youssef Chahine Award for Best Short Film went to “Blind Spot”, directed by Lotfi Ashour.

The Special Jury Prize went equally to the movie “Then Came Dark”, directed by Marie-Rose Usta, and the movie “There is no need, Naji.. Close”, directed by Yohanna Nagy.

Horizons of Arab Cinema Competition Awards:

The Saad El Din Wahba Award for Best Film went to “Maya’s Notebooks”, directed by Joanna Hajji Touma and Khalil Joreige.

The Salah Abu Seif Award (Special Jury Prize), awarded to the film “Fiasco” directed by Nicolas Khoury.

– The Best Non-Fiction Film Award, awarded to the documentary film “From Cairo”, directed by Hala Galal.

The Best Acting Performance Award was awarded to Afaf Ben Mahmoud, for her role in the movie “Atyaf – Streams”, directed by Mahdi Hemili.

– Special mention for the movie “Qadha – A Second Life”, directed by Anis Al-Aswad.

International Critics Week Awards:

The Shadi Abdel Salam Award for Best Film, awarded to the director, went to Amir Fakhreddine, for the movie “The Stranger”.

– The Fathy Farag Prize (Special Jury Prize), awarded to the film “Wild Roots”, directed by Hanji Kiss.

– Special mention to actress Arcelia Ramirez, for her role in the movie “La Civile”, directed by Teodora Mihai.

Best Arab Film Award:

The Best Arab Film award went to “The Stranger,” directed by Amir Fakhr El Din.

Special mention for the movie “Fiasco”, directed by Nicolas Khoury.

Febrici Award:

The award went to the movie “Ghadwa – Tomorrow”, directed by Dhafer El Abidine.

The ceremony was presented by the media, Jasmine Taha Zaki, and singer Hamid Al Shaeri participated in presenting the opening song, which was held on a stage. Egyptian Opera HouseThe song, titled “Movies”, was well received by the audience.

The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Culture, Enas Abdel Dayem, and a large number of media professionals and artists, including Nelly Karim, Jordanian Saba Mubarak, Lebanese Jad Choueiri, Arwa Joudeh, Tunisian Samia Traboulsi, Abd al-Rahman Abu Zahra, Samo Zain, Hani Adel, Hana Shiha, Dina, Umniah Khalil, Abeer Sabri and Rashwan Tawfiq.

In his opening speech, the festival president, Mohamed Hefzy, confirmed that the festival witnessed the presence of good cinema This session, and the number of tickets that were sold reached 40,000 tickets.


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