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Lebanese President Michel Aoun has accepted the resignation of Information Minister George Kordahi, after Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati signed a decree accepting the resignation and referring it to the Presidency of the Republic, amid French efforts to mediate in the Lebanese file with Saudi Arabia.

Mikati said that Qardahi’s resignation is necessary, and would open a door to addressing the problem of the relationship with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, stressing Lebanon’s rejection of everything that would harm the security and stability of the Gulf states, as he put it.

Mikati added that his country is looking forward to restoring normal relations with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, on the basis of respect and preserving the sovereignty and security of each country, and that the Lebanese government will tighten measures to control borders and prevent smuggling that harms the security of Arab countries.

French mediation

The Lebanese Prime Minister also said that his country is keen to strengthen relations with Arab countries, and to distance itself from interfering in any Arab conflict.

He added that his government calls on all Lebanese parties to put the country’s interest above all else, and not to offend in any way the brotherly and friendly countries or interfere in their affairs.

He expressed his regret for “what happened earlier”, and hoped that “a page from the past has been turned.”

And the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, announced his resignation from his position, and said – in a press conference – that the Prime Minister conveyed to him a French request to resign, to be carried by the French President to Riyadh as an entry point to contribute to solving the crisis between Lebanon and the Gulf countries.

Qardahi added that the political reference that named him and his allies left him the freedom to decide, and that he does not accept to be used as a cause for harming his country.

For his part, French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his hope that he would be able to make progress in the Lebanese file in the coming hours.

He added that he would do everything in his power to re-engage the Gulf states in the interest of Lebanon.

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