Learn about the countries that announced the arrival of “Omicron” to their territories


The new Corona virus “Omicron”, which was classified by the World Health Organization as a “source of concern”, has reached a large number of countries, just one week after the first case was discovered.

And the Republic of South Africa, which announced last week that it had recorded the first cases of “Omicron”, recorded 77 cases with the new variant to date. As for the two Arab countries that recorded infections with the mutator, they are Saudi Arabia and the UAE (one injury in each country).

While Australia announced today, Thursday, the registration of a new infection with “Omicron” for a citizen who was on a visit to Doha, Qatar has not yet announced the registration of injuries to the mutant.

Below we review the countries that announced the registration of injuries to the mutator, which has been a source of concern since its announcement, as it is believed that it has the ability to spread faster than the “delta” variant, and the countries are:

Saudi Arabia: 1 case

UAE: 1 case

United States of America: 1 case

Austria: 1 case

Belgium: 1 case

– Czech Republic: 1 case

– Spain: two cases

Norway: two cases

Brazil: two cases

Japan: two cases

Israel: two cases

Sweden: 3 cases

Nigeria: 3 cases

South Korea: 5 cases

– Denmark: 6 cases

Hong Kong: 4 cases

– Canada: 6 cases

– Australia: 7 cases

– France: 9 cases

– Germany: 9 cases

– Italy: 9 cases

– Portugal: 13 cases

– Netherlands: 16 cases

– Botswana: 19 cases

– United Kingdom: 32 cases

– South Africa: 77 cases

Source: RT


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