Kuwaiti “Al-Qabas”: 5 new suspects arrested in the case of financing the Lebanese “Hezbollah”.



An informed source announced to the Kuwaiti newspaper, “Al-Qabas” today, Thursday, that 5 new people were arrested in the case of financing the Lebanese “Hezbollah”, bringing the total number to 23 accused.

According to “Al-Qabas” newspaper, 12 of the 23 defendants in the case, a decision was issued by the renewal judge to continue their imprisonment, until the 13th of this month, in addition to continuing investigations with the 5 defendants and their detention pending the case, as well as waiting for the decision to renew the detention. to other defendants.

The source indicated that “investigations and investigations are continuing with other defendants to infer and know their relationship with the accused, but the case has been classified as a state security issue,” noting that “the new defendants denied all the charges against them, stressing that their role is limited to charitable work, but they did not finance Hezbollah. prohibited to deal with.

Source: “Al Qabas”

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