Kim Jong-un warns of massive struggle next year to boost economy


و .دلى North Korean leader With these statements, yesterday, Wednesday, at a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the ruling Workers’ Party, which decided to hold a meeting of all members of the Central Committee next month, according to Reuters.

Quoted by the official Central News Agency in North Korea Kim was quoted as saying that while the country is still facing economic difficulties, the party has been successful in pressing for political goals and implementing the five-year economic plan unveiled at the beginning of this year.

وقال Kim Jong-un “It is very encouraging that the positive changes that have been achieved in the overall affairs of the state, including politics, economy, culture and national defense, as reflected in the stable management of the state’s economy and the great success achieved in the sectors of agriculture and construction.”

He added, “Next year will be an important year and we must fight a very massive struggle, as we did this year,” according to Reuters.

Kim sought to promote Economy and energy supply plan, but United Nations agencies said food and electricity shortages persist and are exacerbated by sanctions imposed because of North Korea’s nuclear program And its missile programs and because of the pandemic COVID-19 Andnatural disasters.

Pyongyang has not confirmed any cases of the virus CoronaHowever, it closed the borders and imposed restrictions on internal movements and other measures to control or seemingly contain the spread of the virus.


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