Iranian air defense reveals what happened over the nuclear facilities in the city of Natanz


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Today, Saturday, the Iranian Air Defense Command issued an official statement, revealing the reasons for hearing the sounds of an explosion in the sky of the city of Natanz, which includes nuclear facilities.

Tehran – Sputnik. The command said in its statement that it had conducted a test of its missile systems in the skies of the Badrud area of ​​the city of Natanz, denying the occurrence of an explosion or the existence of cause for concern.

The Iranian Air Defense Command stated, in a statement: “A short while ago, one of our missile systems conducted a test in the skies of Badrud in Natanz, and there is nothing to worry about,” and indicated that “in order to evaluate the performance of missile systems, we adopt such tests and through coordination with the Iranian Air Defense Network. air defense systems.

The official “IRNA” agency had reported that “an explosion was heard in the Badrud area of ​​Natanz district in central Iran, and local sources talked about seeing smoke in the sky over the area,” while noting that “the explosion was caused by the air defenses targeting an unknown object in Natanz in the sky of the city.” “.


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