In sexy blue, Handa Archil blew up the Internet with an incriminating photo session that clearly showed the details of her body!!


Over the past few weeks, social networking sites have been abuzz with pictures of Turkish actress Handa Archil while celebrating the birthday of one of her friends in Turkbuku, in the Turkish city of Bodrum.


On this occasion, Handa Archil wore sexy clothes, as she shone in a nude red “top” and kissed in blue clothes on the ink, revealing half of her chest while covering one side of her body and revealing the other side in a bold way.

The Turkish artist also revealed her navel among the thin strips covering a small part of her body, and completed her look by wearing “hot shorts” of denim.

As for the hair, Handa Archil raised her hair with a ponytail, and did not forget to adorn her with some jewelry, such as earrings and chains, to complete her different and bold look.

Handa Archil had gone to the city of “Bodrum”, in the southwest of Turkey, to spend her vacation after the end of filming her series “You’re Knock on My Door” alongside star Karam Bursin.

During her vacation, many pictures of Handa were spread on social media while wearing a “bikini” while on the beach, where she wore a two-piece swimsuit in pistachio green.

The relationship of the duo Handa Archil and Karam Bursin began as friends during the filming of the series “You’re Knocking on My Door” with the characters “Eda” and “Sarkan”, and with the days the story of the series turned into reality, and the duo announced their emotional connection shortly after.

During the filming of the series, social media witnessed a lot of rumors about an affair between Hada and Karam, which was denied more than once, and weeks later the duo surprised their fans by announcing their association together while they were vacationing together in the Maldives after filming the first season of “You Knocking on My Door.” “.


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