“I hate you”…a harsh message from Sherine’s daughter to Hossam Habib


Still a divorce crisis Egyptian actress Sherine It raises controversy, as after the matter was officially announced, the hidden messages began between the two parties.

During the past hours, social media has been buzzing with a video clip published by Sherine’s youngest daughter here on her account on “Snapchat”, in which she performs the song “Bakrahak”, in English.

The girl attached her song to a message in which she wrote: “A message addressed to the person whose name begins with the letter “H”, and many saw that she meant Hossam Habib.

formal divorce

This came hours after the artist announced her divorce, where Sherine published an official statement through her accounts on social media, in which she confirmed the official separation from her husband, adding that the reasons for the separation are personal and “belong to her alone.”

She also stressed that she does not want to go into the details of her personal life.

Sherine called on everyone to respect her private life, and not to publish news or auctions intended to harm her person, stressing that the separation between her and her husband occurred “in complete calm”, and there are no differences between them.

She also stressed that everything stated in this framework is unfounded.

She confirmed that she is now giving her life to her art and her two daughters, Maryam and here, especially that she has recently moved away from her art and her audience a little, revealing that she intends to return strongly to the art scene in the coming period.


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