I did not say goodbye to the media, and Lebanon no longer resembles us


The journalist, Nawal Berri, said that she did not leave the media, but left the political news department in which she was working, and through which she reported the news of Lebanon. Her decision came after she was so tired of the news of her country that she reached the stage of “losing hope.”

Speaking to Al-Arabiya.net, Nawal Berri said that she took a very long break from the news, but it is not final, because she does not know what life has in store for her, considering that the media is a big word, so she did not leave it, perhaps one day she presented a specific program, which would be among her knowledge and culture and her media personality.

She continued in the same context, “Yes, Lebanon tired me, and I no longer have hope in this country that no longer resembles me, even if I do not want to disappoint people, but unfortunately this is the truth.”

It is worth noting that Nawal Berri will be a “light guest” in the series “The Bride of Beirut 3”. She has loved acting since she was young, as she participated in school plays, and when the teacher asked her what she wanted to become in her youth, she answered that she wanted to become an actress. But circumstances brought her as she grew up to the world of news.

She agreed to accept and embody the role in the series “Bride of Beirut 3” because the “MBC” station found that this role is very similar to her, and that this series attracts a high viewership in the Arab world, in addition to the fact that the participating actors are skilled, and she trusts in MBC, she said.

She underwent acting lessons from Bob Moukarzel, in addition to “online” lessons, and she “will try her luck,” hoping that people will accept her and be convinced of herself in this role, and if the responses are positive, she will continue to work in this field.

Media Nawal Berri continues her talk to Al Arabiya.net by saying that if she returns and appears in the media, it will be through an Arab station, not a local one, because she did not and will not say goodbye to the media.

“No, and you will not think of being in a political position, and what would you do if you were in this position? She also wondered, and she will never engage in politics in Lebanon with the presence of this ruling class because “they do not look like us and we do not resemble them,” and she adds: “After working for a long time in the news that I have isolated myself from all my life because I really, unfortunately, became frustrated, and it seems that time will pass. It is very long before this country returns to resemble us.”

She concluded her speech by saying that the media gave her everything. It was her passion and her goal has always been to shed light on people’s concerns in the news, knowing that there were no positives, until she felt let down and frustration, but she does not forget that the media made Nawal Berri’s character. which it is today, she said.


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