How does Queiroz think before the match between Egypt and Sudan in the Arab Cup?


wading Egypt national team For football, led by Queiroz, his match in the second round of the first round of the Arab Cup next Saturday against Sudan, after he opened his career in the tournament against Lebanon and achieved a difficult victory with a clean goal.

Q: When will the Egypt-Sudan match take place?

A: The match between Egypt and Sudan will be held next Saturday, specifically at 6:00 pm Cairo time.

Q: What are the motives of Egypt and Sudan before the Saturday match?

A: The Egyptian team will enter the match next Saturday with the motive of winning and overtaking Sudan, to crowd out Algeria to top the rankings, after defeating Lebanon with a clean goal in the first round. on the pharaohs.

Q: What is the position of Egypt and Sudan in the group after the first round?

A: The Egyptian team occupies the second place in the group with 3 points behind the leaders Algeria with the same balance, while the Sudan team is in the fourth and last place without points.

Q: Are there technical obstacles in the national team before facing Sudan?

A: Of course, and the first obstacles that Queiroz and his apparatus monitored after the match between Egypt and Lebanon, is the problem of missed opportunities and the failure to translate control into goals in the opponent’s goal, as the players of the team, headed by Mohamed Sharif, Afsha, Mustafa Fathi and Amr Al-Soliya, raced to waste easy opportunities in front of Lebanon’s goal Which led to the complexity of the task of the Pharaohs in the meeting, and the training of the Egyptian team today and tomorrow, as well as the technical lectures, will focus on this problem, in order to find a solution to it by translating opportunities into goals, along with intensive training for the attackers to exploit half-opportunities.

Q: Will Queiroz make changes in the formation against Sudan?

A: There will be no major changes in the formation, as Queiroz intends to rest Hamdi Fathi against Sudan due to the team’s concussion injury against Lebanon, so that the player will be 100% ready against Algeria next Tuesday.


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