Hollow Infinite gets multiplayer playlists like SWAT and Slayer


had become less than a month Since its release The aura is infiniteIn multiplayer mode, but since then, the developer team 343 Industries has been considering community feedback as it plans changes to the game in the future. Includes shake The aura is infiniteMultiplayer playlists.

On Twitter, 343 Community Manager John Junisek explained the game’s plans, adding that Studio Fiesta, Tactical Slayer (SWAT) and all are working to add free playlists “by the end of this year.” They won’t be ready The aura is infiniteIn other words, it was officially released on the 8th of December.

Junisek said the developers planned to add a Social Slayer playlist, but it won’t come. The aura is infinite “After vacations or holidays.”

This is a big change because players cannot select a playlist to play in game mode in the current version. The aura is infinite. Instead, players will be left with a choice of randomized game modes – so if you want to keep the Deathmatch going or avoid objective missions, you’re out of luck.

This is not the first change 343 has been implemented since the player concept. Before the announcement, players also expressed concern The aura is infiniteProgress in passing the war. In response, 343 players announced that they would be able to gain playing experience in a limited number of matches each day.


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