He helped his brother during the harassment investigations.. “CNN” dismissed anchor Chris Cuomo


CNN has fired Chris Cuomo after an investigation concluded that he helped his brother Andrew, who has resigned as New York’s governor, during allegations of sexual harassment.

The US network said in a statement that it had hired a law firm to investigate Chris Cuomo’s efforts to help his brother, after newly released records from the New York Attorney General’s office, Leticia James, showed that the broadcaster played a greater role in the defense of Andrew Cuomo than was previously known.

The law firm compared recent records from the New York attorney general’s office to Cuomo’s on-air talk and conversations he had with CNN employees about his role in defending his brother, according to the newspaper.The Wall Street Journal“About a person familiar with the matter.

The law firm tasked with the investigation found gaps between Chris Cuomo’s statements and the records released by the attorney general’s office, and concluded that CNN was right to fire Chris Cuomo.

And the American network suspended the work of its prominent broadcaster last week indefinitely during the investigation into how he helped his brother while the latter was under investigation for accusations of harassment.

In October, a US court charged former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo with a “sex crime” for unwillingly touching a woman, a court spokesperson said.

It is the first charge brought against Cuomo, the powerful politician who was forced to resign this year after a series of sexual harassment allegations against him.

Cuomo has vehemently denied the charges, claiming he is a “victim of political vendetta”.

For his part, Chris Cuomo said in a statement posted on his Twitter account, Saturday, “This is not the way I would have liked my term on CNN to end.”

Cuomo also praised his show crew and co-workers, saying, “I owe them all, and I will miss these special people who did a really important job.”

In May, Chris Cuomo apologized on air after the Washington Post reported that he had participated in consultations with his brother’s top aides as the former governor sought to respond to the widening allegations of sexual harassment.

At the time, CNN President Jeff Zucker told staff that Chris Cuomo’s involvement in defending his brother was a “mistake,” but he did not stop the broadcaster.

Network stated “CNNThe news is that the employees of the “Como Prime Time” program will not be harmed by the expulsion of the announcer, and Michael Smirkonish will replace Cuomo in next week’s episode.


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