He asked her for a divorce more than once.. Mustafa Fahmy to the investigation


Apparently the confusion around the divorce Egyptian artist Mostafa Fahmy And the Lebanese media, Faten Moussa, is still going on.

Moussa revealed that the investigation will begin with her divorced artist, Mustafa Fahmy, today, Sunday.

And she added, through her account on Instagram, that her ex-husband is wanted for an investigation session on Sunday, December 5, in the incident of her detention using individuals she did not know and the use of property guards to intimidate and intimidate her, according to what she said.

She also added that she would only publish this amount of information, no more.

former tension

This came hours after Sana Lahzi, the lawyer for artist Mustafa Fahmy, announced new details about the divorce, and revealed that her client had been married for 4 years, and their relations with his wife were tense.

She added that Fahmy tried to divorce the Lebanese media more than once, but she refused.

She also continued, during a telephone interview to a television program, that she contacted Faten Moussa and told her that the divorce had been signed officially, and that all her dues would be delivered to her, but she became angry and angry.

Ongoing crisis

It is noteworthy that the artist, Mustafa Fahmy, and the media, Faten Moussa, divorced on October 26, after a marriage that lasted about 4 years.

Since that date until today, the confusion does not end over this crisis.

In addition, the two sides exchanged accusations in the police reports, and before the investigation authorities, that each of them seized the belongings of the marital home.


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