Hassan Abu Al-Roos with white hair and Hind Akef in yellow at the end of the Cairo Film Festival


Actor Hassan Abu Al-Roos appeared with white hair on the red carpet for the closing ceremony of the Cairo Film Festival, and actress Hind Akef appeared with yellow hair. Wearing a red dress, Abeer Sabry, Hoda Al-Etrebi, Maryam Al-Khasht, Asmaa Jalal, Ghada Ibrahim.

Artists flock to the closing ceremony, where Elham Shaheen, Reham Abdel Ghafour, Samo Zain, Nahid El Sebaei and her mother, Nahid Farid Shawqi, Dhafer El Abidine, Amir El Masry, media player Suhair Joudeh, producer Mohamed El-Adl, Maryam Elkhosht, Tariq Sabry, attended the closing ceremony. Saba Mubarak, Ramy Waheed.

Initially attended by Mohamed Hefzy, festival president, Islam Ibrahim, director Tamer Mohsen, Nahla Salama, Madeleine Tabar, dancer Jawhara, Mona Mamdouh, Georgina Tawaf, Sabri Fawaz, Tania, Hani Adel and his wife, Sama Ibrahim, Firas Saeed, broadcaster Iman Abu Talib. , Sarah Abdel Rahman, Ahmed Shaker Abdel Latif, author Maryam Naoum, Fawzia Mohamed, Amr Abed, Karim Kassem, Adam El Sharkawy.

The Cairo Film Festival, in its 43rd session, honored the star Karim Abdel Aziz by giving him the Faten Hamama Award, and the award was presented to him by the star Mona Zaki, and Karim thanked his father, mother and wife, stressing that he was happy to honor the ancient Cairo Festival and that the name of the award bears the name of Faten Hamama, and that the award is presented by Mona Zaki, adding: “No one can introduce me to anyone but me.” Karim thanked the late Waheed Hamid and director Sherif Arafa.

The 43rd Cairo International Film Festival was held from November 26 to December 5, with all precautionary measures taken in accordance with the guidelines of the Egyptian government and the World Health Organization.

The Cairo International Film Festival, one of the oldest and most regular festivals in the Arab world and Africa, is unique in being the only festival in the Arab and African region registered in Category A in the International Federation of Producers in Paris (FIAPF).


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