Hadi seeks urgent support from Saudi Arabia to save the economy as popular protests escalate


Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi appealed to Saudi Arabia to provide urgent economic support to his government to save the collapsed currency, amid a wave of angry popular protests against the government.

The state-run Yemeni news agency, Saba, said Hadi handed the Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Muhammad Al Jaber, a message to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The Yemeni president’s move and his request for urgent economic support from Saudi Arabia came in light of the escalation of angry popular protests in several cities under the control of the Yemeni government, denouncing the deteriorating economic and living conditions and the high prices of food commodities due to the continued decline in the value of the Yemeni riyal.

A massive angry demonstration took place today, Sunday, in the capital of Taiz Governorate, in the center of the country, the largest Yemeni governorate in terms of population.

Local sources and residents said that protesters chanted slogans denouncing the government and the coalition’s failure to intervene to stop the economic collapse, the collapse of the currency, and the deterioration of living conditions and services.

Dozens demonstrated on Saturday evening in the governorates of Aden and Hadramout, and the commercial sector in several cities under the authority of the legitimate government carried out a partial strike in protest against the deteriorating living conditions and the collapse of the local currency.

Employees at the University of Aden said that the university’s faculties closed their doors to students because university professors started a comprehensive strike starting from Sunday in response to the call of the Faculty Council at the University of Aden, in protest against the deteriorating economic conditions and the collapse of the currency price.

The Yemeni currency witnessed a sharp decline, reaching its lowest level ever against the dollar, in the transactions of the unofficial exchange market in the coastal city of Aden and the south of the country, recording more than 1,700 per dollar.

The deep economic crisis in Yemen, one of the poorest Arab countries, the shortage of foreign currency and the obstacles facing food imports have led to a sharp rise in the prices of all basic and non-essential food commodities in Aden and the cities of the south, becoming unaffordable for many Yemenis.

International aid organizations, United Nations agencies, local organizations and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Aden have warned that the Yemeni economy is on the verge of collapse, which will push the country to the brink of famine.

The Aden-based Central Bank of Yemen used most of the $2 billion Saudi deposit, which the kingdom made in 2018 after an earlier exchange rate crisis, to help finance imports of basic goods.

Source: “Reuters”


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