Gulf News | The discovery of a “lightweight” planet orbiting a red dwarf star


An exoplanet half the mass of Earth has been discovered with a day length of less than Eight hours, according to scientific results published Thursday.

The celestial body, called JJ367b, is a rocky, low-mass planet Its radius is 72 .‭%‬From the radius of the planet and its mass 55‭%‬of the land mass. Researchers say it is “one of the lightest planets out of nearly 5,000 planets.” outside the solar system are known to this day.

The discovery was made by an international team of scientists led by the Planetary Research Institute of the German Aerospace Center (Dév LR).

“Its high density indicates that an iron core dominates the planet,” said researcher Szilard Sismadia. .

The planet, which is just under 31 light-years away from Earth, takes about eight hours to rotate Around its parent star, a red dwarf called JJ367, which is about half the size of the Sun . “It seems that it seems that there are similarities between the planet and Mercury,” and “this is what places it among the planets less than Earth.” in size and pushes research a step forward towards the search for a ‘second Earth’.

Sismadia said the planet, however, cannot be considered a “second Earth” due to the high levels very much from the radiation he is exposed to which is “more than 500 times stronger than what you are exposed to.” Earth. “The surface temperature of the planet can reach 1,500 degrees Celsius – the temperature at which it melts It contains all the rocks and minerals,” according to him. The results were published in the “Science Journal” on Thursday.


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