Germany introduces one of the most beautiful and most advanced family cars


Germany introduces one of the most beautiful and most advanced family cars

The German Opel decided to make a qualitative leap in the world of family cars through the new Astra, which was designed to be among the most beautiful and most advanced vehicles for this year.

The designers at Opel made sure that the new Astra combined in its design simplicity and features of technical development at the same time, and provided it with a streamlined mid-size station wagon, approximately 4 meters and 64 cm long, and the distance between the wheel axles is 273 cm.

The changes in Astra were not limited to the exterior design only, but also got a completely new cockpit in terms of design and technologies, and equipped it with a pair of 10-inch touch screens and placed in a curved shape to provide the greatest amount of visibility and be practical for the driver while driving.

This car was also equipped with wireless charging systems for phones, and various USB ports to suit all types of smart devices, as well as advanced systems to control lamp lighting rates according to ambient lighting, light and rain sensors, front and rear distance sensors, cruise control, and systems to maintain stability on turns. .

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Skoda unveils its latest youthful SUV

The vehicle will be offered in several types of engines: turbocharged gasoline engines with a capacity of 1.2 liters and torque of 110 or 130 horsepower, or turbo diesel engines with a capacity of 1.5 liters and torque of 130 horsepower, and the engines will work with eight-speed automatic gearboxes.

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