For $25 a night.. Home Alone for rent


will be home Home Alone Available for rent for lovers of drama, dazzle and memories, after it was introduced by a company Airbnb Rent for one night at $25 per person.”I’d be happy to share my family’s house and even my pizza,” Buzz, the older brother of the protagonist Kevin, wrote, “It’s definitely the best place to sleep at Christmas.”

The Daily Mail reported that the house is located in Illinois, a 30-minute drive from Chicago, and has retained its original shape since it was featured in the 1990 movie.

Now, for the first time ever, fans of the movie will get a chance to relive the classic Christmas movie at the Macalister State House.

The stay begins when guests walk into the “cozy holiday scene with twinkling lights and a perfectly manicured tree in celebration of the season.”

Guests also have the opportunity to set up their own booby traps during their stay at the house, and enjoy a candlelit dinner that includes the finest Chicago pizzas and microwaveable cheese.

What’s more, they will have the opportunity to scream in the mirror as the hero of the movie did, and imitate him in his timeless scenes, such as the scene of the huge spider in the bedroom that scared the thieves, while watching the new classic Disney movie Home Sweet Alone.

The production team had chosen the house after choosing between it and dozens of other houses to be the scene of the movie, which starred McCauley Culkin and embodied the role of a child who cleverly repels two thieves who tried to break into the house, while his parents were traveling to spend Christmas in Paris.

The property, which was originally built in the 1920s, was owned by John and Cynthia Abendchen at the time of the film’s production.

The couple revealed that they stayed in the four-room master suite during the six-month filming of the movie while the rest of their home was used for filming.

The couple paid $875,000 in 1988 to purchase the 4,250-square-foot red brick home, and then put it up for sale in 2011, asking for $2.4 million for it, but they did not receive a suitable offer.

The couple had to sell the house for $1.58 million after nearly ten months, to an unidentified buyer.

Since the movie was shown, the property has turned into a tourist attraction, with visitors flocking to take pictures

And lovers will live Home Alone His memories and events in the unchanged home decor, a Christmas tree added, and their children will be allowed to run free in the evening, uninterrupted by annoying intruders as in the movie!

The funny thing is that a replica of the boarding house was built in the gym at a nearby school, as the house was too small to accommodate the crew in some scenes.

Fans can request accommodation starting Tuesday, December 7 for $25 per person, and overnight stays for up to four guests are available on December 12.

The rental company will sponsor a one-time rental donation to a children’s hospital in Chicago.


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