Fauci reveals the impact of tackling Corona on the spread of “AIDS”


The chief US infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said Tuesday that the COVID-19 pandemic has diverted scientific and financial resources from the fight against AIDS, seriously hampering global efforts to achieve the United Nations goal of eradicating the disease by 2030.

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly on the occasion of World AIDS Day, Fauci said the response to COVID-19 has also disrupted supply chains and increased the risk of people living with HIV, which causes AIDS, contracting another deadly virus.

He continued, “To meet these challenges, we must intensify our collaborative research efforts and unlock supply chains through investment and regulatory actions. We must also ensure that people living with HIV in all countries have early access to COVID-19 vaccines and treatments while also maintaining their supplies of anti-HIV drugs,” the Associated Press reported.

And he stated that he “has been strongly involved in the response to both HIV and the COVID-19 pandemic, which have catalysed efforts that we can all be proud of, including remarkable scientific progress, global cooperation and widespread compassion, particularly in the field of distributing life-saving AIDS drugs.”

“On the other hand, I have also discovered that as an international community, we continue to suffer from long-standing inequalities in access to health care and real health communication challenges associated in some countries with declining trust in basic institutions,” he added.

Fauci explained that much of what scientists and public health experts have learned from their long investment in HIV research “has been successfully applied in the Covid-19 pandemic,” noting the design of drugs and their potential impact on the survival of monoclonal antibodies that can fight infection.

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