Enough talk about the whims of Farouk al-Fishawy


The Egyptian artist, Sarah Nakhla, criticized the artist Somaya Al-Alfi, against the background of her recent television statements, in which she dealt with details and secrets from her life with the late artist Farouk El-Fishawy.

Sarah Nakhleh, on Facebook, wrote: “Imagine that you work for many years, and after you grow up, they answer you in the programs and the same questions every little bit, but to talk about the whims of your late husband and his multiple relationships, and how every time you forgive him is very normal, because you do not like failure at all. ».

Sarah Nakhleh added, by saying: “God, God is real, every episode is colder than the one before it, although it is the same questions, the same answers, and the same scandals, but this time you answer the biography of your colleagues with the late… What is the fault of your female colleagues that you answer in their resume?

Sarah Nakhleh continued: “You go back and say the men are traitors… How long are these models from the six, sure his right to betray… Whoever finds pets and what is left is what? .. A shame that happens to this.”

The artist, Sumaya Al-Alfi, had discussed, in a television interview, many details of her personal life with her husband, the late artist Farouk El-Fishawy, and his many romantic relationships, “who cut what was weak in front of six,” noting that he confessed to her his betrayal after their marriage one year “after a year of marriage.” He told me and I did not know anyone else. We went out and decided to have dinner, and he told me and I cried and I told him how to do this and he said I was weak at this moment and by request that you forgive me and forgive him because I can’t bear the failure and my passport from Farouk was my decision and I can’t after a year I say the passport is wrong.

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