Donia Batma raises controversy with her swollen face and gets this title.. and the surprise is who gave it to her


The Moroccan artist publishedDonia ButmaA video on her personal page on the social networking site, compiled by the Moroccan artist ​Rashida Talal​During a ceremony honoring the Moroccan Artists Club.
The video sparked controversy among the followers because of the nickname Talal gave Batma, which is “Princess of Tarab”, and caused confusion due to her swollen face.
Donia commented on the video, saying: “Thank you, dear, for these words that warmed my heart from a respected artist who has weight in the Moroccan arena and a great Moroccan desert star like you, and I beck you and all the dear people of the Moroccan Sahara, we die for you.”
In turn, Rashida published a video on her account, in which she appeared with Donia and commented: “My meeting with Princess of Tarab today was at a ceremony honoring a group of pioneers, offering her thanks to the family of the Artists Club, artist Abdelali Al-Ghawi and the soldiers of the hidden.”


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