Dhafer El Abidine: Proud to show a movie "morning" At the Cairo Film Festival – Masrawy


  1. Dhafer El Abidine: Proud to screen “Ghadwa” at the Cairo Film FestivalMasrawy
  2. A rare appearance by Dhafer El Abidine’s wife, accompanied by him, in the “Ghadwa” show within the activities of the 43rd Cairo Festival – Photosin art
  3. Photos details of the activities of the sixth day of the Cairo Festival 2021 and the wife of Dhafer El Abidine supports him in the screening of his movie “Ghadwa”Hey . magazine
  4. Dhafer Abdeen’s wife draws attention with her husband in the screening of his movie “Ghadwa” at the Cairo Festival.. Videothe seventh day
  5. The film “Ghadwa” directed by Dhafer El Abidine is shown today at the Cairo Film FestivalElfann
  6. View full coverage of the news on Google News


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