Cyrine Abdel Nour carries out this punishment because of Maya Diab and Nawal Al Zoghbi


The Lebanese star has arrived Cyrine Abdel Nour A guest on the “Abla Fahita” program, where she answered a number of questions related to her professional, personal and family life.

During the episode, Serene refused to answer the question: “Who was more beautiful before the plastic surgery Nawal Al Zoghbi or Maya Diab” so that Serene decided to implement the punishment, which is belly dancing.

Cyrine Abdel Nour and Abla Fahita – Photo from Sirin’s Facebook account

Serene also refused to answer a question about choosing a beautiful actress whose looks are loved by Sirine’s husband, Farid Rahma, to confirm that Serene loves her appearance only and to carry out the punishment by taking a picture of her husband with “Abla Fahita”.

Sirin surprised the audience that she knew the password to her husband’s mobile phone.

Serene also pointed out during the episode that she could stop her work in order to devote herself to maternity and take care of her two children, Talia and Cristiano.

Serene explained that she and her husband are jealous of each other and that while riding with him in the car, she watches him if he turns to a beautiful girl who passes by them.

Serene confirmed that she and her husband differ like any couple, and that there is a special look that she uses to let her husband know that she has reached the highest levels of intolerance.

Serene explained that she had been married for 14 years and that love was still the same and that she had met her husband 7 years before their marriage, noting that he always accompanies her because she feels safe with him.

During the episode, Serene revealed that she was born on February 21, 1977, and that she weighs 55 kilograms.

The episode received a wide spread and great interaction through the social media by the audience, who praised Siren’s presence and her lightness during the episode.

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