Colors of the homeland | An asteroid will pass near Earth within hours: there is no danger from it


A newly discovered small asteroid will be transiting today, Saturday, December 4, 2021, moving at a speed of 7.8 kilometers per second, and it will be at the nearest distance of 308,523 kilometers at 05:28 pm and its apparent brightness (20.17 +), so it will not be seen with the naked eye and there is no danger of it colliding with the planet, according to The Astronomical Society of Jeddah.

Details of a small asteroid transit near Earth

According to what the Jeddah Astronomical Society stated through its official account on the social networking platform “Facebook”, asteroid It is called “2021 XF1” and its diameter is four meters, and in the list of near-Earth objects it includes any asteroid whose orbit intersects with the Earth’s.

The association indicated that, based on the latest high-resolution orbital calculations, it has been confirmed that the approach of the asteroid 2021 XF1 today is the closest in the next ten years, and if this asteroid is on a collision course with Earth, it will disintegrate above the Earth’s atmosphere in the form of a fireball, And it will not have a serious impact on the safety of the inhabitants of the Earth.

On the same day, the globe will witness a total solar eclipse that will be seen across Antarctica – while it will be partially seen in the far south of South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and will not be seen in Saudi Arabia or the Arab world.

On November 29, last November, the world’s population waited for the passage of a giant asteroid near the orbital path of the Earth, and it is called “1994 WR12”, as the asteroid with a diameter of 131 meters is moving, at a speed of 8.8 kilometers per second, according to what was announced by the “NASA” space agency, which drew to its ability to cause an explosion greater than the most powerful nuclear weapon ever tested.


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