Colors of the homeland | 5 old phones needed in the antiques and antiques market: sold at a fantastic price


From time to time, millions resort to replacing traditional phones as soon as newer versions appear, and phones differ according to their specifications, for example, there is a specific model dedicated to “selfie” lovers, and professional photography, compared to other types characterized by fast performance and large storage space, and another type is characterized by small size and elegance However, there is a fatal mistake that many make when buying a new phone, which causes the savings to be lost.

Usually this error occurs when replacing old phones with others equipped with the latest technological features such as performance, network and speed, and the error is to get rid of the old phone on the pretext that they do not need it, but those phones It is worth a large fortune, according to the Indonesian newspaper “Jakarta Post”.

According to the Indonesian newspaper, old phones Which dates back to the nineties and the beginning of the millennium, is seen as a wealth and is taken care of by collectors of antiques and antiques that attract the attention of lovers and antiques enthusiasts, and for those who own the following phones, they can sell them through electronic auctions, antiques stores, or via «E-bay». , in large amounts.

Old phones sold at a fantastic price

Nokia 8110

The mobile phone was released in 1996 and was somewhat unique at the time. It is characterized by the fact that it is designed with a cover for the dial and when opened, it becomes slightly curved, which is why it was known as the “Banana Phone”, and the Nokia 8110 phone first appeared on the screen in the movie “The Matrix”. In 1999, its value is $500, equivalent to about 7856 Egyptian pounds, if it is in good condition and has not been used.

Nokia 808

The phone was first released in 2012, and the reason for its presence in the list of high-value phones is the impressive camera, as it was designed with a “41-megapixel 1 / 1.2” sensor with an “f / 2.4 Zeiss all-Aspherical 1-group” lens, and it competes with the latest types of smartphones. phones today, and its price ranges between 200 and 300 dollars, equivalent to 3143 and 4714 Egyptian pounds.

iPhone «first generation – 2G»

The phone of the American company Apple was launched in 2007, and quickly spread all over the world due to its unique features, as it enjoyed a fast performance and a lightweight body compared to the phones that were present at the time, and it is sold at a price of $ 600, or about 9426.66 Egyptian pounds.

Motorola Aura R1

The “Motorola Aura R1” phone was known as “Rolex”, as it was designed with high-quality materials such as stainless steel and sapphire, in addition to containing a unique rotary-type opening mechanism and a high-precision circular screen, and the internal gear of the screen is of Swiss origin and made of hardened steel similar to Most of the luxury watches, and it is the most sought after in the antiques and phones market because of the limited editions of it, and its price reaches $ 1,000, equivalent to 15,711 Egyptian pounds.

Nokia 8800 «Arte Carbon»

Because of the rarity of this phone and its unique design, the Nokia 8800 was able to become the most sought after phone in the market after its launch in 2008. 500 dollars and a thousand dollars, or 7856 and 15,711 Egyptian pounds.


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