Cleanse your lungs naturally.. Lentils, pomegranate and beets help rid the body of toxins


If you suffer from some allergic reactions, asthma, respiratory diseases and diseases lungYou need to take immediate precautionary steps and give your lungs opportunities to detoxify appropriately, by cleansing them by making some lifestyle changes, foods and drinks that can help cleanse the liver as well, according to the website. ndtv“.

Lung cleansing:

A healthy, balanced diet is important, because air pollution can deplete the levels of vitamin D, E and C, calcium, beta-carotene, albumin, omega-3 fatty acids and curcumin from the body. A balanced diet can help counter such nutritional deficiencies.

Air pollution can also deplete iron levels in the body, this may be reflected in lower hemoglobin levels, in case you are deficient in iron, you should include more green leafy vegetables, beets, black raisins, lentils, and pomegranates to name a few. limitation.

For optimal iron absorption, include foods rich in vitamin C in your diet. Avoid taking tea or coffee with iron-rich foods as they may interfere with its absorption. Eating calcium-rich foods along with iron-rich foods can also interfere with iron absorption because both have the same Link site for absorption You can also have copper-treated water overnight to increase iron absorption Using iron pots for cooking can help increase your hemoglobin levels.

eat curry

Another way to overcome the bad effects of air pollution is to make the most of curry. The base of curries, soups and all meal preparations should be tomatoes, garlic, black pepper, onions, ginger, turmeric, cold pressed coconut oil or beef ghee. .

lung cleansing



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