Carthage Theater Days launches “Theater and Resistance” course


The Ministry of Cultural Affairs in Tunisia launched a new cycle of the Carthage Theater Days under the slogan “Theater and Resistance”, after this prominent Arab and African artistic event stopped last year due to the Corona pandemic.

The Minister of Cultural Affairs, Hayat Katat Al-Qarmazi, said that the Carthage Theater Days will remain a milestone in the history of Arab and African theater.

She added: “It is a new, renewed cycle that announces the return of the spirit to creativity and art, and adds to what Tunisia has witnessed in other stations in the fields of cinema and book, an occasion that confirms our definite need for theater, an art in which the types of human creativity are in harmony, starting with the text and ending with the ways of embodying it on the screen, directing, performing and physical expression. and musically.”

And she continued, “Theatrical days of Carthage return under the slogan ‘Theater and Resistance’ to highlight the theater’s ability to overcome all difficult circumstances and the continuous work to resist mediocrity, closure and fanaticism.”

The opening ceremony of the twenty-second session of the festival was held on Saturday evening at the Opera Theater in the city of culture in the center of the capital, Tunis, in the presence of a number of artists, critics and academics from Tunisia and abroad.

The ceremony included scenes from international works, including the “The Balcony” scene from William Shakespeare’s play (Romeo and Juliet), performed by Tunisian Nisreen Mahbouli, and actor Titanda Domba from Zimbabwe.

The ceremony also included honoring director Al-Asaad bin Abdullah from Tunisia, actress Amal Al-Dabbas from Jordan, actor Ahmed Fouad Selim from Egypt, actress Saida El-Hami from Tunisia, actress Fadela Hashmawi from Algeria and actress Fatiha Mahdaoui from Tunisia.

The festival also celebrates Canadian playwright Michel Courtmanche, who excels in performances and mime shows as a “special guest”.

Egypt (guest of honor) will host the new session on the occasion of the Tunisian-Egyptian Culture Year 2021-2022, where the festival will host some Egyptian artists such as Samiha Ayoub and Ahmed Badir.

Over the course of eight days, the festival will present about 100 theater performances from Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Senegal, Burkina Faso and Guinea.

The official competition includes 14 shows, including three African shows, eight Arab shows and three Tunisian shows.

Source: “Reuters”


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